0616 Fun With Sizes

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0616 Fun With Sizes

Fun with Sizes

Matching Game of 3pc puzzles

3 Matching Games to discover, Small, Medium & Large.
Match Objects of each set by size.

Learning Objectives:
Visual Discrimination;
Ability to Sort;
Concept of Size;
Fine Motor Skills;
Matching Skills.

Parent/Child Play:
The child will differentiate between various types of illustrations and match 3 similar objects of small, medium and large size.
The child will play a memory game.  By playing the Three Bears Game, the child will reinforce the concept of sizes.


16 Sets of 3 pcs. Self correcting puzzles;
The 3 Bears Game;
3 Playboards;
21 Item Cards.

The series has been developed to build strong foundation in mathematics.
Mathematics can be fun when children play with Creative's Math products, designed specially to promote understanding of basic mathematical concepts

Age Group:      3 & Up

A Detailed activity guide book is included in this pack.

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