0619 What's My Opposite ?

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Barcode: 8901870000027

0619 What's My Opposite ?

One of Four Titles in the Early Memory Games Series.

28 Two pieces self correcting puzzles.

An entertaining matching game that develops the ability to recognise and distinguish between opposites.

The game has been designed to develop:
Observation skills.
Problem solving skills.
Matching skills.
Verbal expression.

The Game:
The objective is to match each picture with its opposite.
The parent/teacher should first  help the child to understand what opposites mean through different classroom
situations and objects of daily use.
Give the child one card of each set and let him/her try to match it with the opposite.
Spread 4 or 5 sets on the table and jumble them together. 
Let the child see the picture and match the cards wih their corresponding opposites
Gradually make it more difficult by spreading more cards.

28 Pairs of 2 pieces jigsaws. (Picture cards.)

Age Group 4+

Detailed activity guide book included inside this pack.

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