0623 Fruits, Vegetables & Plants

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Barcode: 890187000004

0623 Fruits, Vegetables & Their Plants

Fruits, Vegetables & Their Plants is a unique educational game with high potential for learning. With the help of these brightly coloured, sturdy, easy to handle cards, children can play while learning about 31 important fruits and vegetables, while enhancing their vocabulary.

To evaluate and extend the children's knowledge of fruits and vegetables;
To develop language skills;
To enrich vocabulary;
To build up the habit of keen observation in everyday life;
To develop visual discrimination skills;
To stimulate self-activity.

31 sets of 2 Beautifully illustrated picture cards.  (Total 62 cards).

The Play:
Identify the name of 31 important fruits and vegetables.
Classify the fruits and vegetables.
Discover how and where the fruits and vegetables grow:
    a) Under the ground or above the ground ?
       b) On a tree / plant or on a creeper ?
Learn about the importance of fruits and vegetables in our daily life.

The game has been designed to develop:
Observation and concentration skills;
Visual discrimination;
Basic vocabulary.

This game is tested and tried physically.  It has proven to be easy to play with; reinforces various skills; made up of material which is durable and safe; it is highly motivating.

Age Group 4+

A Detailed activity guide book is included in this pack.

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