0631 What's Missing ?

Creative Educational

Barcode: 890187000011

0631 What's Missing ?

Observe each set of cards carefully....Can you identify the missing parts ?.

The game has been designed to develop:
Observation and concentration skills.
Problem solving skills.
Identification of missing objects.
Verbal expression.

The Game:
The objective is to discover the missing items in the picture when compared to another picture.
The cards are divided into 17 pairs.  Each pair is marked 'A' & 'B' with card number.
The card marked 'A' is complete and acts as reference card.
The card marked 'B' has five items missing either wholly or partly.
Give the child any one set and ask him/her to observe the cards very carefully and find out the 5 items missing in card 'B' of that set.


48 Large and sturdy Picture cards. (24 pairs)

Age Group 5

Detailed activity guide book included inside this pack.

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