0667 Figure Fun

Creative Educational

Barcode: 890187000052

0667 Figure Fun

Entertaining and challenging

Figure Fun has been designed to develop:
Observation skills;
Identification of combinations;
Simple Problem Solving;
Attention and Concentration Skills;
Visual Memory.

The Game:
Three Large dice show Circles, Rings and Figures in various colours. Players throw the dice and try to find the combination thrown on the dice on their respective game boards and cover it with their counters as quickly as possible.

What makes it Special: 
Two Different Games;
A lot of Combinations of Colour and Design;
Can be Played alone or in teams for Great Fun;
Sturdy, Easy to handle manipulates;
A Thick Box for Storage.

Age Group: 5 Years and up

A Detailed activity guide book is included in this pack.

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