0688 Shape Match

Creative Educational

Barcode: 890187000192

0688 Shape Match

A Unique Fun Game For The Beginners.

A game that will introduce your child to the world of Shapes.

Designed to:
Identify and learn basic shapes.
Improve observation and visual discrimination skills.
Learn problem solving skills.
Improve eye-hand co-ordination.
Match different figures with the elements they are made up of.

The Game:
The child is required to match each figure with the coloured shapes it is made of.

Get the Creative's Advantage !
It is self correcting (Cards fit together when matched right).
Can be played alone or in teams for greater fun.
Bold and beautiful illustrations.
Sturdy, easy to handle pieces.

28 Self correcting puzzles cut in 2 pieces each. (Total 56 large pieces)

Age Group 4+

Detailed activity guide book included inside this pack.

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