0708 Zoo Puzzles

Creative Educational

Barcode: 890187000061

0708 Zoo Puzzles - 10 Puzzles

Match the limbs of an animal to make up a 4 Pieces Puzzle.

10 Jigsaw Puzzles to assemble.

Match heads and tails, jaws and claws, hoofs and horns to make up an animal.
Learn the names of 10 different animals.

Learning objectives:
Visual discrimination.
Eye-hand co-ordination.
Concentration and logic.
Problem solving and creativity.

The Creative's puzzle pack are so special because:
They include easily recognizable animals. Bold and beautiful illustrations.
Large, sturdy, easy to handle pieces.

40 Colourful Cards. (Limbs, bodies, horns, claws and hoofs of different animals. Enough to form 10 puzzles of 10 different animals.

Parent/child activities:
Start by selecting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that makes up one whole animal and teach your child how to do it.
Let him/her try to do it independently.
Repeat this process a few more times with different animals/puzzles.
Be patient with your child because every child has his/her own speed of learning.
When the child gets used to the game, make it more difficult by mixing the pieces of two or three puzzles together.


Age Group 2 - 5yrs +

Detailed activity guide book included inside this pack.

Creative's are your partners in your child's development.