0732 Link-Ups ! Part 1

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Barcode: 8901870001178

0732 Link-Ups ! Part 1

An Association Game For The Young Ones

10 Two piece matching puzzles, only the correct pieces match the picture.

Help the child to develop habit of keen and accurate observation.
Visual discrimination skills.
Logical thinking.
Eye-hand co-ordination.

The Game:
The aim of the game is to identify both the pieces of all the pictures and link them together.
The parent/teacher should help the child understand how two pieces of each picture are associated with each other and together make a complete picture.
Help him/her notice that two pieces of each set have similar theme and backgound.

This educational series is tried and tested and proved to be simple and easy to use.

20 Large pieces (10 self-correcting two piece puzzles)
Bold and Beautiful illustrations.

Age Group 2+

Detailed activity guide book included inside this pack.

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