0734 Math Puzzles Multiplication & Division

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0734 Math Puzzles Multiplication & Division

If all the numbers and number sentences are matched correctly, you will see a colourful picture for every puzzle.

To reinforce the skill of multiplication and division.

3 Playboards.
3 x 25 pieces puzzles.
1 Dice.

Each player gets one playboard and a matching puzzle.
Ask each player to separate puzzle pieces and put them picture side down in front of them in a pile
The first player to roll a 3 starts the game.

The Winner:
The first player to put all of his/her puzzle pieces on the playboard correctly wins the game.

The Play:
Take turns rolling the dice.  The number you roll will tell you how many puzzle pieces you may put on the board.
If you spin a 3 you may lose that turn.
Read aloud the number or number sentence on your puzzle piece. If there is a number sentence, solve it and put your puzzle piece on the answer with the picture side up.
If there is a number on your piece, find the number sentence on the board which that number completes. Put your puzzle piece on that number sentence with picture side up.
The first player to have no puzzle pieces left is the winner.
If all the numbers and the number sentences of all the puzzles are matched correctly, you will see 3 different colourful pictures.
Note: If one player wins, the game continues until every player has finished the puzzle.

This game is tested and tried phisically.  It has proven to be easy to play with; reinforces math skills; made up of material which is durable and safe; it is highly motivating.

Age Group 7+

A Detailed activity guide book is included in this pack.

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