0737 Early Puzzles - Sea Creatures

Creative Educational

Barcode: 890187000169

0737 Early Puzzles Sea Creatures 

This series of Jigsaw Puzzles has various subjects.
Get the puzzle most suitable for your child.

These puzzles are designed to sharpen your child's:
Visual discrimination.
Eye-hand co-ordination.
Logical thinking.
Problem solving.
Awareness about different types of sea animals.

What makes Creative's Puzzles so special?
Graded from easy to difficult (less pieces to more pieces).
Beautiful illustrations of topics from everyday life.
Tried and tested ; Easy to play with ; Durable and safe

4 Jigsaw Puzzles 3, 4, 5, & 6 pieces.

Age Group 3 years +

Creative's are your partners in your child's development.