0741 Reading Puzzles Opposites

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0741 Reading Puzzles Opposites

Complete this humorous puzzle and look for 25 Opposites hidden in this colourful picture.

Guide the child to enjoy this puzzle while having fun. Step by step the child will learn many new words and their opposites.

Ask the child to assemble the puzzle by joining the edge pieces first to define the parameters of the puzzle and then
follow by joining the inside pieces with the help of the picture given on the box.
Ask him/her to look at each set of drawings in the picture and name the opposites one by one.
Help the child wherever required by asking simple questions.
E.g. Where is the man holding the signs of Left and Right ?  or  Where is the Fast rabbit and the Slow snail.

Help your child to develop:
Language skills.
Thinking Skills.
Problem solving.
Observation skills.
Eye-hand co-ordination.
Colouring a big poster.

1 x 25 Jumbo pieces puzzle .
1 Large poster to colour with answers 405 x 545 mm

Age Group  5+

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