0776 Learning Jigsaws 4

Creative Educational

Barcode: 890187000665

0776 Learning Jigsaws Occupations 4

This series in four parts has specially been designed to make early learners aware of different occupations, their place of work and tools they use!

Visual Discrimination Skills;
Eye hand co-ordination;
Logical thinking;
Problem solving skills;
Awareness about different occupations.

1. Sorting of Pieces - Mix Pieces of all the puzzles. Separate the pieces according to their colour or pattern/picture clues etc.
2. Assembling a Puzzle - Assemble the pieces featuring any similarity of colour, pattern or picture clue until it is fully assembled.
3. With Assembled Puzzles - Talk about the dress, tools, place of work and job of each profession.

A set of four Puzzles;
4,5,6,8 Pieces.

Age Group: 3 years & up

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