0816 New Ludo

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0816 New Ludo

The game of Ludo has originated from the National game of India "Pachisi" which is played on a cross and circle board.  It is in fact described as "The Cross & Circle Game"
2 to 6 players can play this game. The board of the New Ludo  is designed to take six players instead of the usual 4.

Six different colours distinguish the players and their tokens.  Each player starts with 4 tokens of the same colour. These are placed in the starting circles having the same colours.  The objective of the game is to take all the 4 tokens around the board to their home and win the game.  The tokens move around the board according to the throw of the dice.  Different coloured tokens cannot stay on the same space and if your piece lands on one of your opponents, the latest to arrive will replace the sitting token which will be knocked off and sent back to the starting circle.

Throwing a 6 on the dice is very important.
With the throw of the six you are allowed to bring one of the tokens  out of the starting circle on the star and start the race for home.
Whenever a six is thrown the player moves one of his pieces and takes another go and moves again.

1 New Ludo playboard.
24 Play Pieces or Tokens (6 sets of different colours of 4 pieces each).
Rules for play on the box.

Age Group         4 years and up.

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