0819 Grab A Word

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Barcode: 890187000139

0819 Grab A Word

Grab A Word
To make or take a word game.

To enhance vocabulary.
To improve spelling and language skills.

1 Colourful Playboard.
100 Play Tiles.
1 Sand Timer.
1 Score Pad

The Game: 2 to 4 players
All the play tiles are placed face down in the centre of the play board.
On each turn, the players turn one play tile face up.
The first player to spot a word with three or more letters calls it out and takes it.
After taking the word, the player places it in front of him/her and turns over 2 new tiles from the centre pile.
A player may "grab" another player's word by adding at least one new letter from the centre tiles or by combining 2 words.
No word of less than 3 letters may be made or grabbed.
Making of proper nouns (names) and foreign words is not allowed.

The player with the highest points is the winner.

Age Group:      8 & Up

A Detailed activity guide book is included in this pack.

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