0821 Millennium Snakes & Ladders/Ludo

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0821 Millennium Snakes & Ladders and Ludo

The most common Classic Games that were ever invented.

Hours of pleasure with family and friends.
4 Variations of play.

Snakes & Ladders:  2 - 6 players
Who has never played Snakes & Ladders in his entire life?
Roll a number six on the dice and you are ready to start a race till the finish.  You may be having a streak of bad luck during the game but if you end up on the 32nd square you will find a ladder that you have to climb which will take you to square number 95 and very close to finish before your opponents and win the game.  But be very careful not to end on the 99th square because the snake will bite you and you have to slide all along the snake to number 4.
Land on the spaces marked with a dice and you will be entitled for a free throw.
Free throws will also be won on the throw of 6 on the dice.
Land on the lion's head and you miss a turn.

Ludo:  2 - 4 players
Each player represents 4 animals on the board. Sheep, Dogs, Cockrels, Cats.
Take 4 counters and put them on the animals having the relevant colours.  Each player takes turns to throw the dice.  Throw a six and you will be allowed to bring out one of the counters on the track to start the race for home.  At the next throw of the 6, you can decide to bring out another counter or move the counter on the track, 6 squares forward.  If a counter lands on your opponents counter, he/she will have this counter removed from the track and returned on the animals.  It will need another throw of 6 on the dice to return on the track.
Take all 4 counters home and be the winner of the game.

2 Colourful Playboards.
2 Dice.
16 Counters (Play Pieces)

Age Group:     3 years  to Adults

A detailed instruction book is included in this pack.

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