0823 Word Link

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0823 Word Link

A Creative word building game with a difference.

This Game:
It is Entertaining and Educational.
It improves word building skills.
Enhances vocabulary.
Every word scores
Easy to Play
Simple Scoring System.

The contents:
1 Colourful Playboard.
100 Letter Tiles in a bag.
4 Racks.
1 Scoring Pad.
Play Rules.

The Game:
Lay the board on a flat surface and each playes take 1 rack.
After shaking the letter tiles in the bag, each player dips down his/her hand in the bag to pick 7 letter tiles at random.
Place your tiles facing you on the rack and after you decide who starts the game, take turns at trying to form words out of the seven letters you have on your rack or a combination from the letters on your rack and those letters already on the board.
You can even add one single letter to an existing word like for example, adding an "H" or an "S" to "EAT" because it will turn to another word like "HEAT" or "SEAT".
You can go vertical or horizontal to cross an existing word, but you are not allowed to move any piece already on the board to please yourself.  The number of tiles used on each turn will have to be fished out again from the bag to end wiith 7 tiles once more.

Every word will count and the rules of play will indicate how scoring is counted.

Age Group:     9 years  to Adults

A Detailed activity guide book is included in this pack.

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