0916 Learning To Read Homonyms

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0916 Learning To Read Homonyms

The Series "Learning to Read" is the most important first step in a child's education.

Homonyms are the many meanings of one word which your child needs to learn.  He/she needs to understand that:
E.g. Fly has more than one meaning. It's an insect and it also means moving through air.

Learning objectives:
Understand the basic concepts of language.
Learn that many words have more than one meaning.
Remember the two meanings of the same word.
Use these Homonyms into simple sentences.
Enhance vocabulary.

Choose the correct meaning of the words that are spelled the same way but have different meanings.

The Match-Ups:
Two words-one word and its Homonym.  E.g. Seal, along with two picture clues, is printed on each match-up.
A pair of sentences is given in the activity guide, that explain the meaning of both the picture clues.
The child has to:
Match each set with help of the picture clues.
Listen/read carefully and find out the correct meaning for the words given on each match-up.

The Play:
Give any one set to the child.  Help him/her to read out both the words printed on the card.
Help him/her to understand different meanings with the help of the picture clues.
Read out the related sentences from the activity guide. Ask the child which picture clue from the two explains the word.

25 two piece match-ups (50 cards in all)

Age Group 4 years +

Detailed activity guide book included inside this pack.

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