0933 First Words

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0933 First Words

Graded and simple language games allow children to practice essential reading skills in a fun way.

Learning Objectives:
Visual discrimination skills;
Observation and association skills;
Reading skills;
Passive and active vocabulary;
Basic language skills.

7 Simple word games for eager readers.

Level 1: 4 to 5 years
1. The child names each picture one by one - the first letter of the word and number of letters that make up the word are there as clues.
2. The child completes the play board by carefully observing each picture and associating it with the corresponding picture printed on the word card.

Level 2: 5 years and above
1. The child reads each word one by one - the picture on the back is there for his/her reference.
2. After reading the word the child associates it with the picture on the play board and completes the board.

6 Play boards;
96 Picture/Word Cards;
An activity guide.

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Age Group 4 years +

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