0975 The Four Seasons

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0975 The Four Seasons

Learn about Seasons in a fun way with easy to do experiments!

Learning Objective:
1. To Understand that:
The Earth moves around the Sun on a curved path or orbit;
The tilt of the Earth causes Seasons;
Every Season has its distinct features;
Certain things and activities are related to a particular Season.
2. Enhance exploratory instincts.

The Pack:
''Seasons Travel'' (Board Game)
The play board shows four different Seasons on the Earth and a path to move around the Sun. Pictures/Activities representing different Seasons are printed on the path. The child has to complete one revolution by visiting every Season.

Facts, Experiments and Activities that let you
Discover for yourself the way Seasons and day/night occur.

A Multicolour play board - ''Seasons Travel'';
1 Dice;
4 Pawns;
32 Season Cards - 8 of each colour;
An Experiment/Activity Book.


Age Group: 8 years +

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