0986 Plurals

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Barcode: 890187000353

0986 Plurals

An innovative and simple way to learn and practice Singular/Plural words.

Plurals  -  regular and irregular.

Calf = calves       -        Puppy = puppies
Bus = buses        -        Goose = geese

Learning objectives:
Understand that plural is a form of noun which refers to more than one person or thing.
Learn that most plural nouns in English end in "s".
Learn that many nouns are irregular in their plural form like man/men -- baby/babies....
Understand rules for making irregular plurals.
Understand the basic concepts of language.

Parent/child activities:
Give any one set to the child. Help him/her to read out both the words (singular/plural) printed on the cards.
Help him/her to learn the rules for making all kind of irregular plurals.
Ask him/her to match the sets independently.

With play board-one & more
Children practice both regular and irregular plurals.

27  two piece match-ups
1 Colorful board game.
20 Counters in four colors - 5 each

Age Group 4 years +

Detailed activity guide book included inside this pack.

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