0988 Brain Boosters 2

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Barcode: 890187000359

0988 Brain Boosters 2

Early learning has never been so much fun.

66 Innovative activities make this new wipe-clean card game a sure way to reinforce basic skills and boost children's confidence.

This game of simple questions in picture form is a sure way to stimulate young minds.
It will help children develop essential early learning skills in the most enjoyable way.

Focus Area:
Shapes, colors, sizes, number concepts, positions, opposites, letter sounds, memory and animal world.

Learning objectives:
Keen observation.
Visual discrimination.
Logic & thinking skills.

The Game (Parent/child activities)
The set consists of 12 double side printed wipe-clean cards, 22 question sheets with different activities & 2 answer sheets.
After an activity sheet is chosen an placed on some plain surface, read and explain the activity to the child.
Ask him/her to complete the activity with the special pencil and check the answers from the answer sheet.
Clean the surface for future use.

12 Double side printed special wipe-clean cards.
1 Special pencil.

Age Group 3 years +

Detailed activity guide book included inside this pack.

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