0989 Action Reaction

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0989 Action Reaction

Match each action to its outcome.  Fun with science.

There are 27 scenes of actions and their consequencies (reactions) to match.
As children put pictures of these match-ups together in their logical/scientific order
they understand the process of action/cause and result/reaction in an interesting way.

You have made a snowman, what happens, if the sun starts shining? (Action)
The snow begins to melt. (Reaction)
You put an icy tray in the freezer. (Action)
The water becomes ice (solid) because of extreme cold. (Reaction)

Learning objectives:
Visual discrimination.
Keen observation.
Understand basic science concepts.
Logical order.
Inquiry and discovery.

The Play (Parent/child activities)
Give any one action card to the child and discuss the action in the picture.  Ask him/her what will happen next?
Help him/her to reach consequence (reaction).
Repeat the above with a few more sets.
Ask him/her to match the sets indipendently.

27 Large 2 piece match-ups.

Age Group 4 years +

Detailed activity guide book included inside this pack.

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