0991 Nature to Home

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Barcode: 890187000368

0991 Nature to Home

Match the The pictures, plant/tree - fruit - product.

As children put pictures of these match-ups together in their logical order,

they understand Product-Nature association of 18 products of daily use.

Learning objectives:

Visual discrimination.

Keen observation.

Understand basic science concepts.

Logical order.

Inquiry and discovery.

Parent/child activities:

Discuss with the child the pictures on  the sets of cards. Talk about the products that reach our homes and where do these come from.

Help the child to reach various conclusions.

Repeat the above with different sets of cards.

Ask your child to match the sets indipendently.


18 Large three piece match up colorful picture cards (18 plants/trees - 18 fruits - 18 final products)

Age Group 4 years +

Detailed activity guide book included inside this pack.

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