1047 Let's be Green

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Barcode: 890187000642

1047 Let's be Green

An educative and exciting game on 3 R's of environment protection!

The task provoking messages on green cards will satisfy children's quest to go green!

Let's be Green is an exciting new family board game that is packed with fun and excitement. Players use their play pieces to move around the board collecting recyclable waste to fill their respective Bins.

3 R's of Environmental Protection - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle:

a. Consumption
b. Waste
c. Use of energy consumption
d. Oil consumption and pollution

Reuse - Find ways to reuse things as far as possible;

Recycle - Buy and use recyclable products.

A colourful Game Board;
4 Recycling Bin-Boards;
6 Biodegradable Waste Cards (green background) ;
6 Toxic Waste Cards (red background) ;
10 Each recyclable waste: cards-paper, glass, tin & plastic;
3 ''Green Tips'' Cards;
4 Play Pieces, one dice and Play Rules.

Age Group 6 years +

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