1055 Be Quick Arithmetic

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Barcode: 890187000650

1055 Be Quick Arithmetic

A fast moving game to master fundamental operations of arithmetic!

A fun Learning game designed to master the four fundamental operations of arithmetic i.e:(+,-,x,÷). It is easy to learn, fun to play, and builds children's basic computational abilities!

Help Sharpen basic arithmetic Skills;
Help experience and learn that a number can be written in many ways.

The Play
The first Player spins the Spinner to establish the Target/Goal Number;
Using the Numbers 0-9 write down as many equations as you can to equal the Goal/Target Number;
When the time is up, Count the number of correct equations you have made;
The Player with the most correct equations wins the Game.

Once the target number is established, the other player spins the spinner;
Using each of the numbers 3 printed on the inner circle once and only once  and combining them using any combination of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division, calculate result that comes as close as they can to the target number.

1 x Plastic Disk with a pointer;
1 x Pad;
2 x Pencils;
1 x Timer

Age Group: 6 years +.

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