1061 Number Match

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1061 Number Match

Count and Match Objects with their corresponding Numerals and check the answers yourself!

Different matching Activities & Games will help children to:
Learn to Count 1 to 20 with the help of dots and objects;
Recognise and name numerals 1 to 20;
Learn to Count and Match Objects/Dots to Numerals;
Develops Matching skills and perception.

Activities & Games:
1. Count and Match dots with objects;
2. Count and match Dots/Objects with Numerals;
3. Match numerals cards with both dots and object cards;
4. 123 Order (sequencing);
5. Play Concentration, Snap and Fish games.

20 Three piece colour coded self-correcting Activity Cards (60 Large Pieces);
Activity Guide.


Age Group: 3 years +

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