1064 Spell 4 in a Row

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Barcode: 890187000667

1064 Spell 4 in a Row

Put your child on the road to reading with this amazing combination of fun and learning game.

To learn the spelling of high frequency words and first words.

The game:
The child is required to spell to words correctly.
To place a counter on the board and if he/she is able to place 4 counters in a row by spelling the words he/she will be declared the winner.

An exciting way to learn and spell basic words.
Race against time to make a 3 letter or 4 letter word.

Learning objectives:
To strengthen letter recognition and spelling skills.
To enrich vocabulary and knowledge.
Young children learn common short letter words and develop first reading and spelling skills.

1 play board.
112 Word cards.
30 counters (10 each of 3 colours).
Play rules.

Age Group 5 years +

Detailed activity guide book included inside this pack.

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