11015 Classic Around the world stones


Barcode: 5702016914146

11015 Classic Around the world stones

This toddler toy contains all the building blocks to build 15 inspiring model ideas and combine them with each other, thus ensuring lots of fun

Children can build a toy airplane, a sailboat, a cactus, an Asian-style house, a bus, a palm tree, and various animals

With the other building blocks, children can build a brown bear, a penguin with chicks, a fish, an eagle, a parrot, an orca and a baby crocodile

It contains 950 building blocks to build a colorful world, and the toy can be combined with other LEGO sets from 4 years of age

In the box there are 4 separate bags, each containing the LEGO Classic bricks that are needed for 3-4 buildings. Choose for yourself