12111 Powered Plane


Barcode: 5904665998526

12111 Powered Plane

Aeroplanes are toys that most kids love. These toys allow them to arrange very interesting, developing and, above all, long-lasting games. These aerial machines will help to explain in a simple way to your child the principle on which planes float in the sky.

The white Aviation aeroplane is kept in a bright colour scheme, combined with black and dark blue details - it features lights in the cabin and in the engines, as well as lettering and decorative elements on the vehicle's fuselage. The toy sits on large, black wheels that have a fiction drive, and smaller, plastic wheels that allow the aircraft to be driven freely and played with on a variety of smooth surfaces. The toy passenger aeroplane is lightweight, yet robust and resistant to damage that can occur during intensive play.

The children's plane is equipped with four different buttons, activating interesting sounds and lights. When each button is pressed, the child will hear sounds related to aviation, as well as a message in English, which is combined with a spectacular light effect. The toy is made on a scale of 1:120, which makes it look incredibly real, thus encouraging children to start playing.

Dimensions of the toy:

34 cm x 30 cm x 18 cm

Packaging dimensions:

32 cm x 25 cm x 19 cm

The passenger plane is powered by three AG13 batteries, which are included in the set. The toy is CE certified, made of child-safe, robust and durable material that is guaranteed to last a long time.