12243 Set of Metal Sports Cars


Barcode: 5904665999875

12243 Set of Metal Sports Cars

Set of Metal Sports Cars Resoraks Various Colours 25 Pieces

Big off-road cars and extreme driving are the dream of little boys, but also of big boys. By gifting your toddler with a set of different-coloured cars, you enable your boy to play city rides, races, as well as mechanics or a car showroom. You will awaken his passion and interest in motoring.

Many off-road cars, jeeps, will add to the collection of a car fan. You will be able to create extreme obstacle courses for cars. Every detail is made to the smallest detail and accuracy. There are 25 cars in the set, each one is individual, in a different colour and with different looks. They are all made in 1:64 scale and have a pull-back drive. Simply pull back and let go and they will develop incredible speed.

The presented set of reshoots is characterised by many advantages. The main one is the construction of the cars, the body is made of metal, while the bottom of the toy and the wheels are plastic. This combination makes the cars resistant to light collisions, and playing with them is comfortable and convenient.

All you need to do is find a spot and start playing!


Average size of the cars:

8 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm

Package dimensions:

48 cm x 27 cm x 4 cm

This set of cars is suitable for all kids over the age of 3. It will prove useful both as a set for one boy and as equipment for a playroom or kindergarten. The cars have been packaged in an aesthetic, colourful box with a transparent display window. The set is CE certified and manufactured in accordance with EN 71.