13188 Set Animals


Barcode: 5905323213906

13188 Set Animals

An ideal set for every animal fan, they are great for expanding the collection of a small collector. The set will allow you to arrange a fun game, which certainly will not end quickly, moreover, several people can play at the same time. Your imagination will tell you what story your children will come up with!

The set includes 12 figurines, all packed in a long tube with the image of a chamois. Inside are animal figurines from Australia. The fun will be kind of educational too. The toddler will collect a whole collection of animal figurines.

Each figurine is carefully cast and accurately painted and made of hard rubber.


The set includes:

- a snake

- 2 trees

- rock

- crocodile

- kangaroo

- parrot

- koala

- ostrich

- platypus

- desert fox

- Australian lizard


- Tasmanian devil