147249 Friends Bumper Stationery Wallet


Barcode: 5060718147249

147249 Friends Bumper Stationery Wallet

Show off your love for the best ‘90s Sitcom, Friends, with this Officially Licensed Central Perk Bumper Stationery Set.

Including two brightly coloured red and green gel pens, quirky notebook, and not one, but two styles of pencil case, along with other stationery essentials, this set couldn’t BE any cooler!

• 1 x notebook
• 2 x gel pens
• 1 x highlighter
• 1 x ruler
• 2 x pencils
• 1 x pencil case
• 1 x pencil tin
• 1 x eraser
• 1 x sharpener
• 1 x pen

Featuring a gorgeous Central Perk design, this stationery set is perfect for school or at home and ideal for fans of Friends.