16038 Scratch Book


Barcode: 5905679075845

16038 Scratch Book

"Scratchboard Notes" is a creative and interactive product that provides children with a unique writing and drawing experience. Ideal for children over the age of 3, this notebook has 10 black pages measuring 10cm x 14cm. It is an amazing toy that engages children in creative activities, develops manual skills and stimulates their imagination.

The main element of this toy is the ability to write and draw in the notebook by scratching the surface with the special wooden stick included in the set. Each scratch reveals a contrasting coloured layer, creating striking patterns, shapes and images. Children can experiment, create unique compositions and develop their artistic skills.

This product is great as a gift for children to stimulate their creativity and spend time in an active and creative way. Scratchboard Notes is a great way to combine learning and fun.

Elements of the set:

- scratch pad

- wooden stick

Package dimensions:

14 cm x 10,5 cm