16163 Agricultural Vehicle Tractor


Barcode: 5905679077115

16163 Agricultural Vehicle Tractor

Agricultural Vehicle Tractor Green Crane Agricultural Machine

The tractor is painted green, which gives it a distinctive and attractive look. It is large, which makes it look very impressive.
The vehicle is equipped with large, black road wheels that help it move on various types of ground. Thanks to them, it is stable and can move freely around the area.

The inside of the tractor cab is visible through transparent windows, allowing children to see what's going on inside. This adds realism to the game and allows children to take on the role of a driver.
The tractor has three different attachments that can be easily installed and changed depending on your needs.

Tree grabber allows you to lift and carry small branches or wood.

Forks are used to transport various items, e.g. straw or hay bales.

Transport basket, perfect for transporting other toys or materials.


The tractor is equipped with an extendable crane that adds additional functionality. Thanks to it, the toy can pretend to be heavy construction equipment and move objects from one place to another.

The tractor is powered by a friction drive, which means your child can easily drive it by moving it along the floor.

This promotes active play and development of motor skills.

Despite its impressive size, the tractor is light, which makes it easy for a child to control and maneuver, which is important for safe play.
This toy offers many possibilities for play, while developing the child's imagination and manual skills. Thanks to its realistic structure and various endings, it allows for creative play as well as learning about the role of tractors in agriculture and construction.


Set contents:

- Tractor

- 3 tractor attachments

- original packaging


Tractor dimensions:

40 cm x 18 cm x 13 cm


Size of the package :

39 cm x 20 cm x 16 cm



It is CE certified and complies with the EN71 standard. The toy is intended for children over 3 years of age.