16265 Quad Motor


Barcode: 5905679077986

16265 Quad Motor

The vehicle has a dynamic design, mainly in shades of green and yellow, which gives it a sporty look. The quad's large, off-road wheels are perfectly adapted to driving on various types of surfaces, which allows for a variety of fun. The toy is made of durable materials, which ensures its durability even during intense play.

The quad driver is dressed in an orange outfit with blue accessories, which gives him a distinctive look. His outfit is additionally equipped with a helmet that allows children to play different scenarios and roles.

The quad is equipped with a friction drive, which means that the child can drive it by pushing or turning the drive wheels.
This type of drive is simple and does not require batteries or power supply, which makes the fun independent of external energy sources.

The toy encourages children to play actively outdoors or indoors. It allows them to develop their imagination, pretend various situations and play the role of an off-road vehicle driver. Large, off-road wheels provide unlimited opportunities for exploration and overcoming obstacles, which additionally stimulates the development of children's motor skills.


Set contents:

- Quad

- Pusher

- Original packaging


Quad dimensions:

19 cm x 14 cm x 13 cm


Handle dimensions:

54 cm x 3 cm