17409 Skipping Rope


Barcode: 5905991002758

Skipping Rope Black and Yellow With Counter 280 cm Fitness Adjustment
Plan your training and do it as planned! 
A practical jump rope with a built-in jump counter will help you with this.
Information about the number of repetitions performed is presented on the display located in the handle. The data is clearly visible and reliable, so you can focus on your exercises. The skipping rope has been one of the basic exercise equipment for a very long time.
It will help you improve your fitness and strengthen your legs.
And the built-in counter allows you to better control your training.
Helps reduce fat tissue in the hips, waist, calves and thighs.
Strengthens the body's endurance. When training with a skipping rope, you engage almost all of your muscles.
You improve circulation, endurance, reflexes and motor coordination.
This is an invaluable tool for firming legs and slimming the waist.
Training with a skipping rope maximizes the amount of calories burned and slims
the figure. Technical data: - maximum length with handles 280 cm - maximum line length 250 cm - counter up to 999 jumps - soft sponge handles