21178 Minecraft The Fox Lodge


Barcode: 5702017155791

21178 Minecraft The Fox Lodge

Features a Minecraft toy house modeled after a sleeping fox - with an open back and removable roof for imaginative role-play inside

Includes LEGO Minecraft animals: Outside, a baby fox, an adult fox and an arctic fox are waiting to be fed berries before they go to sleep

Includes legendary, well-known Minecraft characters: a drowned zombie, a fox, a baby fox, an arctic fox, and a hero figure in “fox fur”

The kids have to be careful when fishing! A drowned Minecraft zombie suddenly approaches them, and they must quickly grab their swords to fend it off

This compact, portable Minecraft toy for boys and girls aged 8+ features a fantastical world that provides hours of exciting play - alone or in a group

LEGO Minecraft sets offer players a new way to experience their favorite game and make great gift ideas for birthdays or any other occasion