21310 My Musical Roller


€20.00 €25.50
Barcode: 489253621310

21310 My Musical Roller

Explore all functions to figure out various buttons and knobs from the set. Mode switch to play the full song with the piano button. Press the drum and cymbal buttons to accompany along the music and create you own style. Press the one note button to play the songs at own pace. 
8 different high quality music and special effects with LED lights.

The drum can sit on flat surface on both sides, provides a total different experience. A whistle on the other side that the kid will explore and play.

Requires : 2 AA Batteries

Age Group: 6 months +

Kidsmart believe that children are our future and they have the responsibility to bring out their potential.They started with pre school series designed to develop physical skills and imagination of children through fun and creative play.