231103 Diving Goggles Junior


Barcode: 8057094784455

231103 Diving Goggles Junior
Reliable junior diving goggles from the Italian company Escubia - Francis.
The diving goggles fit perfectly and their adaptive construction fits
perfectly to the face.
Children will surely use them during swimming training in the pool or for
snorkeling and discovering the underwater world on vacation.
It is also great for normal swimming for those who want to protect not
only their eyes but also their nose. Technical description: – Manufacturer: Escubia – Francis – Polycarbonate glass - thermoplastic rubber seal for better adhesion – adjustable strap – Age: 7-14 years – Material: hypoallergenic rubber, polycarbonate glass – Color: blue – Initial size of the glasses (in the longest section): approx. 8 x 15 cm