28575 Scribble 5-in-1 Children's Scooter


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Barcode: 28575

28575  Scribble 5-in-1 Children's Scooter

  • Scribble ongo 5-in-1 - This 5-in-1 scooter is easy to install: it features a folding rod that is very convenient to carry and/or fill in the car. The removable seat can be removed from the frame as soon as your child grows up. It can also be used as a scooter
  • HIGH QUALITY - The three wheels of the scooter are made of PU material, so they have a great grip on asphalt and provide more glide. The comfortable and durable seat will accompany your child/girl from one year old. The handle is made of a new soft and environmentally friendly TPU material that protects the hands of the child and the parents. Grip
  • 5 functions in 1 - The scooter can perform 5 functions - a complete item that can convert over time as the child grows The first three steps are perfect for children aged 12 months to 36 (maximum 20 kg). The fourth and fifth steps are suitable for children aged 3 and above. 50 kg max
  • Sturdy base plate - The base plate is made of hard and durable plastic, has a high load capacity of up to 50 kg
  • PERFECT GIFT: ONGO 5 in 1 Scribble is undoubtedly an ideal gift for your kids for any occasion: Christmas, birthday or any celebration or celebration - a complete gift that will be used for a long time and will give this product as a gift