31951 Magnetic Boards


Barcode: 841308231951

31951 Magnetic Boards

The game provides 4 illustrated scenes which show a series of incorrect or wrong situations; once identified they can be corrected using magnetic counters in which the correct situations have been shown.The material used to make and print the scenes makes it possible to use these magnetic counters, placing them on the respective scenes.

In the different scenes the members of the same family living in an urban environment have been used as the main characters. Walking in the street, riding their bikes, coming out of school and travelling in the family car.Very common situations in the daily life of any boy or girl.

Each scene is inserted in a different frame colour, the same as each group of counters. So it is very visual and easy to assign and separate the counters corresponding to each illustration.

This game serves to support language activities, allowing ideas about danger to be examined.

Age : 3 years to 7 years