31953 Magnetic Board


Barcode: 841082319533

31953 Magnetic Board

The game has 4 illustrated scenes which represent situations related with waste separation and recycling. They show a series of incorrect or incomplete facts; once identified they can be corrected using magnetic counters in which the correct situations have been shown.

The themes looked at in the scenes are:

  • How can we produce less waste?
  • Waste separation at home
  • Waste collection
  • How can we reuse waste which has been separated?

The material used to make and print the scenes makes it possible to use these magnetic counters, placing them on the respective scenes. Each scene is inserted in a different frame colour, the same as each group of counters. So it is very visual and easy to assign and separate the counters corresponding to each illustration.

This game constitutes great support for language activities and allows the acquisition of knowledge about waste separation and recycling.In this way girls and boys learn about the importance of making simple,everyday gestures but which are very which are very important for the future.

Age : 3 years to 7 years