3504 Doll Baby


Barcode: 5902808156048

3504 Doll Baby

A Baby Doll in a bathrobe

 A doll-baby is a sweet and charming little baby, dressed in a yellow and soft bathrobe. to the set are included various accessories - for example potty and a bottle for a milk. Most of girls like to imitate their caring and loving mothers, that's why we are convinced that presented here set will be a bull's eye. Taking care of baby is not only a good fun - it has also educational meaning. This toy will positively affect on child development and also on its manual abilities and motor. Playing and looking after this sweet baby will make the girl more responsible and self-reliant.

 In the set with a doll there are accessories necessary to look after the baby - nappy, tissues, bottle for a milk and a potty. The baby has eyes with mobile eyelids, which close every time when child put a doll, also legs and hands which are moveable - it largely raises realism of playing. Main advantage of the toy is that after pressing doll's belly the child will hear cheery, lively song. To turn on a sound in the doll you should pull out mechanism from her belly, remove protection and place the mechanism in her belly again. 

The set includes:

- doll in a bathrobe,
- bottle for milk,
- potty,
- nappy,
- tissues.

The Baby and accessories are made of attested, the highest-quality materials. The set has a CE certificate, which is a producer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives. It is adjusted for a girls over 3 years old. The toy is packed into colorful box with a glass-case.

Dimensions of the set's elements:

- Baby Doll: 33 cm,
- potty: 10 cm x 10,5 cm,
- bottle: 12 cm x 5,5 cm.

Dimensions of toy's package:

- 34 cm x 28 cm x 10 cm.