50125 Kindikids Blossom Berri


Barcode: 630996501252

50125 Kindikids Blossom Berri

Squeeze my belly for a fragrant kiss! Kindi Kids Scented Sisters are the sweetest sisters around. Give Blossom Berri a squeeze and she'll blow a fragrant kiss out of her mouth. Her kisses smell of strawberry blossoms. "

Removable clothing and pacifier! Blossom Berri looks adorable with her strawberry locks. She loves to relax with her pacifier. Pull it out of her mouth so she can blow strawberry scented kisses. Blossom Berri also wears a bib and diaper that she can too. be removed and put back for extra fun play! "

Special Sisters Blossom Berri is Berri D'Lish's adorable little sister. These soft and sweet siblings love sharing time together and playing with each other. Both have beautiful strawberry curls, Berri D'Lish loves teaching her little sister everything on the big world! "

Wobbly & Bobbly Blossom Berri has chubby arms and legs, squishy and swings and bobble just like a real chubby baby! Loves big hugs."