5181 Lamborghini Urus 12V Red


Barcode: 5908275990161

5181 Lamborghini Urus 12V Red

Cars with the Lamborghini brand logo are among the most popular vehicles. The model presented hides many technological innovations that, combined with an appealing design, make it synonymous with exclusivity. If your child has been fascinated by the vehicles he has been driving since the first years of life, make him happy by giving him his own Lamborghini urus.

Two powerful 45W motors, EVA wheels made of special plastic and a 2.4G remote control that will allow parents to control the vehicle of a small rally car. These elements, combined with a powerful battery, make the vehicle fantastic and safe fun. The children's car is equipped with an automatic gearbox that allows you to drive at a speed of 2 to 4 km / h.

The interior of the vehicle looks as good as the exterior. The seat, steering wheel and other elements have been bathed in black, which perfectly matches the body color. A small driver has at his disposal a unique seat in soft ecological leather connected by a seat belt.

The battery-powered vehicle is made of certified materials of the highest quality, which is why it has been marked with the CE certificate. URUS is intended for all children over 3 years old, but the possibility of controlling it with the help of the 2.4G remote control included in the set allows even the youngest children to have fun.



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