550188 Wax Torches


Barcode: 4009775090649

550188 Wax Torches

This torch is a so-called wax-flare. Waxing flakes were also referred to earlier as cloth flare. In the case of a wax flare, a cloth soaked in wax is wrapped around a wooden handle.

Each torch is supplied with a drip guard, so that the torches can also be carried in the hand. The burning time of the torch is always measured during windstill and can be influenced by wind. Also how obliquely the torch held in the hand influences the burning time.

Only if the torch is held vertically will you get the maximum burning time.

Torches can generally be used on many occasions, the most famous being torch hikes, after-migrations or as decoration elements for garden parties.

Length : 100cm

Caution: the wax color of the torch can differ from the picture.