605000 Water & Count Veggie Garden


Barcode: 3417766050007

605000 Water & Count Veggie Garden

Little gardeners can dig into counting, colors and more with the Water & Count Veggie Garden.

Pretend to plant vegetables and help them grow using the light-up watering can while learning about sizes, counting and colors.

Explore early science concepts and learn fun facts about each vegetable, what plants need to grow and the plant life cycle.

Inserting the trowel into the dirt reveals a surprise gopher friend! Grow and learn in your little garden. 

Pretend to play in the garden and grow some vegetables while exploring counting, colors and more with this adorable role-play toy.

Pretend to dig, water and grow a radish, onion and carrot to explore counting, the difference between large and small and what plants need to grow.

Match the veggie to the correct hole in the soil to hear a response.

Press the light-up sun button to learn about plants or turn the book pages to explore the life cycle of a plant.

Slide the worm to make the vegetables spin and play sounds or use the trowel to discover a gopher friend.

Age : 9 months +