6063970 RUBIK´S CUBE Cube, 3x3


Barcode: 778988419595

6063970 RUBIK´S CUBE Cube, 3x3

The classic Cube of Rubik's 3x3 is the most famous puzzle since 1980.

Improved movement: this rubik's cube has all the features of the original, with in addition a smoother, faster and reliable movement. No frustrating blocks or cubes coming out.

Rotate, turn, repeat: the cube of rubik's has six sides of different color, each consisting of nine squares each consisting of nine colored tiles hooked to the cubes that do not detach.

Once you mix the sides, you will have to rotate and turn the cube of rubik's until you align again on each side all the tiles of a given color.

game for all ages since it helps to exercise math skill, knowledge of space and memory

- package size 4,9x17,7x9,9 cm