615803 Clean Sweep Mop & Bucket


Barcode: 3417766158031

615803 Clean Sweep Mop & Bucket

Mop, hop, spin and sweep with the Clean Sweep Mop & Bucket! Let kids clean up ""messes"" while they’re still excited to use a broom — your future self will thank you! Your today self (and your child) will love how the cute lil’ face on the bucket lights up and sings as kids pretend to clean. The interactive caddy brings learning into clean-up time with imagination. Uh, oh! Muddy paw prints on the floor. Grab the green mop to clean it! The soap pump makes funny squirting sounds as you pump out the imaginary soap. One, two, three. Now press the pedal to see the mop spinnity-spin! Show kids that cleaning actually can be all fun and games with boogie-down dance breaks. Follow fun directions like, ""Hop while you mop! Now dance to the left and dance to the right!

-Let kids embrace the fun of cleaning with a friendly, singing cleaning caddy

-The bucket spins and makes swishy sounds when kids press the foot pedal; the pretend soap pump plays squirting sounds; count along from one to ten

-Follow fun directions while hearing words for colours and more: grab the red cloth and wipe up and wipe down

-Play clean up with the spray bottle, cleaning cloth, interactive bucket, mop, dustpan and broom

Age 3 - 5 years