6688 Musical Flower


Barcode: 4008789066886


6688 Musical Flower Tower with Twinkle

Another link in the Super 4  Series.

Playmobil is the world of 7.5cm Civilisation.
All figures and accessories are made up of durable plastic.

The vast variety of Playmobil Products is set in a number of Series so that building up a collection of the same serie would be easier.

Series Available:
Playmobil 123; Country; Wildlife; City Action; Top Agents; Sports & Action;  Christmas; Pirates; Dragons; Knights; Western; Specials; Playmobil Special Plus; Fairies; Princess; Summer Fun; City Life; Doll House.

All items are packed in beautifully designed boxes.

All figures and accessories shown in the picture are found in the box.

Age Group:   4 years & up

Playmobil is a registered trademark.